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The 2019 Belmont Stakes And Betting Game

The 2019 Belmont Stakes And Betting Game

A few weeks from now, the Triple Crown Season will come to an end as the Belmont Stakes which is the final leg will commence on June 08, 2019 in the race track of Elmont Park, New York. It was truly an amazing ride for all thoroughbred racers to find indulge themselves in a very exciting horse racing season every year.

In fact, the Triple Crown Series is composed of three major horse racing legs. The recently concluded Kentucky Derby which serves as the kick-off holds the most controversial edition this year. Maximum Security finished first in the racing game of “Run for the Roses” which was disqualified after few minutes because of bumping at the pole incident which made his runner-up Country House took the crown from him. It was a tough circumstance for Maximum Security and his trainer Jason Service, but the judges had a unanimous decision to dethrone him.

Continuing with the second leg which is the Preakness Stakes that will start five days from now, the lineup of thoroughbred racers who will compete in the ‘Run for Blacked-Eyed Susans” is complete. It’s sad that Country House and Maximum Security will have no rematch in the Preakness which also means that there will be no Triple Crown winner this year.

Despite the fact that Kentucky Derby had faced issues this year, Preakness will still continue and a lot of horse racing fans are looking forward to the final leg which is Belmont Stakes because it provides the best value for betting. Like other horse racing tournaments, it offers various betting categories that each bettor can ultimately join. In fact, even placing a TVG match deposit allows you to join in different promos and betting contests so you can earn big in betting.

The 2019 Belmont Stakes Betting Game

According to sports analysts, horse racing is the “Sports King”. This is not because of the mightiest participants you are seeing running in the field, but it’s because of the variations of the betting games you can dive in. In common sports like ball games, you only see at least three betting games because there are only a few teams involved. For horse racing, the tournament like Belmont Stakes is often attended by more than ten participants and that your betting options can come in different ways.

Here are the basic betting types you can wage for the upcoming Belmont Stakes.

  • WIN – it’s simply choosing the right colt to win the Belmont Stakes crown
  • PLACE – you need to pick two colts which will place first and second
  • SHOW – you are required to pick three winning horses in order to win

For those who don’t know, all horse racing betting is identified by a Pari-Mutuel System. This simply means that your payouts, if you win, depend on how much is the pot money placed gathered in all amount of bets. If you would like to win more, then placing a WIN bet might help you achieve that as this is a difficult category to take.

On the other hand, if you would like to make your Belmont Stakes betting a more exciting one, then you can try a challenging category. Here are they to guide you.

  • EXACTA – it’s picking two horse racers to place first and second in the exact order.
  • TRIFECTA – you are required to pick three horses which will place first, second, and third which is also in the same order.
  • SUPERFECTA – the most difficult and challenging betting game compared to two because you need to pick four horses which will place first, second, third, and fourth in the right order.

Placing Your 2019 Belmont Stakes Bets

Actually, there are several ways where you can wage for your favorite bets in the upcoming Belmont Stakes. The first option is to buy your tickets at the cashier during the event. Also, the biggest advantage of getting a betting ticket in the live event is that you can witness the changing odds from time to time so you can keep track of the entries you would like to wage.

Another way of placing your bets in signing up to legal gambling sites online. This is the most convenient way of wagering as you might not be able to go through long lines just to get a ticket. You only need to make sure that before you place your bets online, you have to make sure that you review the site thoroughly and the sports book you sign up should have good payouts and deposit scheme.

Picking Your 2019 Belmont Stakes Bet

In order to pick your Belmont Stakes to bet, it’s a must that you have to review the racing forms of each entry you would like to wage. It’s the only way to asses their capability of running at the same time the only way for you to know if they can produce a good value of a betting game.

Take note that each horse racers who will join the Belmont Stakes are superstars of different horse racing tournaments in the country and reviewing each racing form will help you pick the right winning colt.

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