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SNL’s Unaired Skit Slamming the “Other Cavs”

SNL’s Unaired Skit Slamming the “Other Cavs”
Jon Reed

The Cavs took a commanding 3-0 lead in their series against the Raptors on Saturday night as LeBron James hit his second buzzer-beating game of the postseason.

LeBron scored 38 points. He’s averaging 34.8 points per game this postseason.

It’s been a good seven days for the Cavs. They’ve won four straight games, and the “Other Cavs” have finally showed up. Kevin Love has remembered how to score. Kyle Korver’s shooting 50% from 3 vs Toronto. JR Smith isn’t doing dumb stuff.

Which may be why “Saturday Night Live” didn’t air this skit from last night’s host Donald Glover.

Timing on this would’ve been perfect last Saturday, the day after the Pacers blew the Cavs out in Game 6. But as their blowing through Toronto on the to the Eastern Conference Finals, this loses a little bit of luster.

But it’s still funny.


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