Show Me My Opponent: “Georgia”

Show Me My Opponent: “Georgia”

They’re good. We aren’t. Let’s go bowling.

As currently constructed, there is no use in previewing this game. Tennessee enters Athens as a 32.5 point (as of Monday, and I’m not going to bother to check this number again) underdog. For some reason, this is the CBS Game of the Week. I can only imagine it being so because there’s either no other good options or they’ve got a lot of good Jake Fromm material to run through. Jake Fromm: The Most Boring Heisman Candidate of the 2010s.

As such, there will be no opponent preview of Georgia. Only the most corrupted among us will be intently watching this game, and the Vol For Life Facebook group is the only group remaining that can foresee an upset if we win the Maxims or whatever. Here’s the issue: I got hired to write these previews weekly, and I can’t let my bosses down. I can’t let the people down, either – you keep me going during seasons like this. But I can’t tease you into thinking Tennessee has a fighting chance at anything other than maybe keeping this game within 20 points. (Turnover luck has to reverse at some point or maybe it never will, because this sport is dumb as hell.)

So, here’s something entirely different than I’ve ever done before. Below are five different Show Me My Opponents, none of which are related in any way to Saturday’s game outside of its location or its time. Click on whichever one suits you best, and tell me if it’s good or not. If it isn’t, I’ll kick a whiteboard and show up at church the next morning.

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Will Warren is a contributor to FOX Sports Knoxville. He loves Popeyes, computers, the Nashville Predators, and melatonin.

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