Show Me My Opponent: Athens

Show Me My Opponent: Athens

If you, for some reason, have decided to go to Saturday’s game, bless you, you poor soul. But hey, you get to enjoy the best city in the SEC: Athens. Athens rules, and has to be an utterly incredible place to attend college. Here’s the best aspects of one of the South’s best cities.

DRINKING. Any discussion on this starts and ends with the immortal Creature Comforts, whose Tropicalia is the best beer in the state of Georgia. Absolutely nothing can beat it on a warm day. They’d be one of the best brewers in the South even if they offered nothing past Tropicalia, but they also offer Athena Paradiso, which is somehow just as good as Tropicalia. If you’re drinking anything else on a tap list in Athens other than CC, you have failed.

EATING. I am less well-versed in this, but The National looks to be excellent, and Weaver D’s = Athens Chandler’s.

ENTERTAINMENT. I have no idea what the schedules of performers are, but 40 Watt Club nearly always has someone on, the Georgia Theatre looks pretty, and Athens is the home of the second-best band of the 1980s in R.E.M. I think you can still go see their offices, and you can definitely recreate the cover of Murmur for yourself.

THE STADIUM. Looks good as ever on TV, and certainly has to look great in person. As with any SEC game, arrive at least 30 minutes prior to kickoff or you’re late.

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Will Warren is a contributor to FOX Sports Knoxville. He loves Popeyes, computers, the Nashville Predators, and melatonin.

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