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Reports: Greg Schiano Deal With Tennessee Is No More

Reports: Greg Schiano Deal With Tennessee Is No More

Sometimes, you have one of those moments when you see something that you know you’ll never forget.

It’s not that you look back on it and figure it out later — you know. In that exact moment, with whatever’s going on, you know it’s something that you’ll carry with your memories as long as you can.

Well, today that happened for many, including me.

After news broke early this morning that Greg Schiano and Tennessee were finalizing a deal that made Schiano the Vols’ new head coach, fans united. Politicians chimed in. People stormed Neyland and the Anderson Training Center.

After hours of unending backlash and relentless protest, multiple reports are saying the deal is no more.


Just think about this. This morning, John Currie and Tennessee had all but finalized a deal with Greg Schiano to wrap up the coaching search. With only papers left to sign and reports to spread, Tennessee’s fanbase and Vol reach reacted so forcefully that a university literally went back on a coaching hire.

It’s a day I’ll never forget.

Again, nothing is officially confirmed, but neither was the hire. John Currie might have a lot of explaining to do, but now Vol fans are left with more questions than answers.

What next? I guess we’ll wait and see. But fans might have more say than they did just 12 hours before.

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Nathan is a journalism student at UT who has as many puns as he does sports opinions.

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