Pruitt: Fulmer Said The Tennessee Coached Will Be Judged By Three Games

Pruitt: Fulmer Said The Tennessee Coached Will Be Judged By Three Games
Jon Reed

While speaking at a Rotary club meeting in Knoxville, Coach Jeremy Pruitt said that Phillip Fulmer told he that he’d be judged on three games: Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

Or South Carolina off of a bye and the final game against Vanderbilt with a trip to the Sugar Bowl on the line.

I kid. I kid.

This is promising. Fulmer letting Pruitt know the deal is obviously a power move. It’s not about bowl games. It’s not about winning those bowl games. It’s about winning the big ones. The Tennessee coach has to win the big games.

For Tennessee fans, those games are Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

The room broke out in applause. Because they know it’s true.

Pruitt’s been warned. Let’s see if he and his team can get it done.

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Jon Reed

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