FOX Sports Knoxville’s Big 3 basketball tournament

FOX Sports Knoxville’s Big 3 basketball tournament
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 3&OUT vs Overtime

3&OUT, 7am-10am

Nate Hodges

The general manager of FOX Sports Knoxville. A former basketball coach and high school point guard. There are two questions that are dominating 3&Out’s tournament appearance:

  1. Will they run plays?
  2. Will everyone be afraid to play physically against the boss?

Former NBA Player Comparison: 2010 Los Angeles Clipper Baron Davis
Current NBA Player Comparison:  Denver Nugget Jameer Nelson

Houston Kress

Pictured above we have one jackass and………….. Houston Kress 😉

Kress is a gunner. A chucker. He will either shoot 3&Out to victory or will be the reason they lose.

Former NBA Player Comparison:  2001 Dell Curry
Current NBA Player Comparison: Philadelphia 76er Nik Stauskas

Davey Hudson

Davey is a Duke fan which means that he will be very fundamentally sound and make other players want to punch him at least three times during this tournament.

Former NBA Player Comparison: 2002 Christian Laettner
Current NBA Player Comparison: Oklahoma City Thunder Kyle Singler
Overtime, 6pm-8pm

Tim Starvos

Former NBA Player Comparison: 2010 Chris Quinn
Current NBA Player Comparison: The kid from Disney’s Luck of the Irish 


Lucas Panzica

Former NBA Player Comparison: Anderson Varejao
Current NBA Player Comparison: Leondro Barbosa

*Lucas is Brazilian

Brandon Orrick

Former NBA Player Comparison: 2014 Tim Duncan
Current NBA Player Comparison: 2017 Al Horford


Game Preview

Honestly, I don’t know much about these Overtime guys, but they’re young. They’re in shape. I’m just concerned that they are all more focused on modelin’ and not ballin’. The 3&Out team is complete. All three players claim to be good basketball players. The match-up is pretty even, but the favorites have to be the team with the boss of the station on the team.

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3&OUT with Nate Hodges and Houston Kress 7-10. Talk Sports with Jon Reed and Cody McClure 10-1. Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis 1-3. The Drive with Russell Smith 3-6. Overtime with the D-Team 6-8.

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