EyeXcel knows that Eyes + Brain = Vision. The eyes collect information while the brain processes that information in the world around us. For nearly 40 years, this family business has been serving Knoxville as a full-service and specialty eye care practice. Vision experts, Dr. Patton, Dr. Gilliland, and Dr. Carusone are ready and fully equipped to care for you and your family, no matter what age.

The staff prides themselves on being more than just the place where you get glasses or contacts. EyeXcel offers general optometry, low vision rehabilitation, vision therapy, pediatric eye care, binocular vision, and any other eye care support you may need.

What is low vision rehabilitation?

Dr. Gilliland explains that low vision is a level of vision loss that can be caused by eye diseases, brain diseases, or anything that reduces the eye’s ability to see. EyeXcel offers rehabilitation that utilizes all kinds of adaptive means and optical tools to improve functionality. This can vastly improve the quality of life for the person with aging eyes having trouble to read.

What is vision therapy?

Vision therapy is the other part to vision rehabilitation for those that have difficulty processing the visual information, how the brain sees things. The eyes may be functioning properly, but the vision information gets lost or miscommunicated once it reaches the brain. This can very helpful for children that have difficulty reading or focusing on the board in a classroom, or someone who has suffered a brain injury. Vision therapy can help regain this ability.

EyeXcel is Knoxville’s only specialty eye care practice. Your vision is their top priority, not just your prescription. They are here to help your family in any stage of life in all the kinds of visual needs you may have. If you have children that need help seeing the board in school, teens or adults that need vision help while driving or looking at a computer, or aging eyes dealing with cataracts and glaucoma, trust EyeXcel with your family’s eye care.

Go see them at EyeXcel, your family eye care and vision rehabilitation center, located at 715 Callahan Road, visit them at their website EyeXcelTN.com for more information, or call (865) 687-1232.


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