Clemson AD (Maybe) Hints At Future Match-Up With Tennessee

Clemson AD (Maybe) Hints At Future Match-Up With Tennessee
Jon Reed

Clemson and Georgia are set to announce a two or three game series this summer.

That’s exciting for college football fans. Both the Tigers and Bulldogs are at the top of the college football world, both made the playoff in 2017.

They’ve played 64 times, most recently their two game series in 2013 and 2014.

Kirby. Dabo. Collision course.

Blah blah blah.

That’s fine and all. It’ll be great for college football. And sure, it’d be nice if Georgia had a loss starting the year in 2021, 2024, or 2027 (we’re all getting old).

But the big takeaway was the statement made by Clemson’s AD Dan Radakovich:

“When you look at programs like Auburn, Georgia and Tennessee, really all of those great historical programs, which are close to us, it makes sense to play them,” Radakovich said. “As long as we can make it work from a schedule perspective it is a good thing for everybody.”

1) It’s nice to still be included when other schools talk about historically great programs. I understand that the keyword is “historically,” but, look, I’ll take what I can get. Everyone else makes fun of Tennessee, but Clemson’s AD is putting some respect on our names and history.

2) Wait a second. . .

Could Tennessee and Clemson schedule a series soon? Is this something being discussed?

The last time the Vols and Tigers played in a non-bowl game was all the way back in 1976 (the Vols won 21-19 in Knoxville).

Clemson just finished a home-and-home with Auburn. They’ve played five times since 2010.  I literally just told you that Clemson and Georgia are finalizing deals to play two or three more games in the near future.

So, does that mean Clemson and Tennessee are talking about getting together soon?

It seems that way to me.

Clemson likes to play big out of conference games, and Tennessee has always shown they are willing to travel to big time programs for games. AD Phillip Fulmer has already said that he’s not a big fan of neutral site games.

The match seems to be there.

Would you want to see Tennessee and Clemson schedule a game?

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