Tom Brady should let his son spend time with Peyton Manning

Tom Brady should let his son spend time with Peyton Manning
Nick Davis

Patriots’ star QB Tom Brady took his family out for a nice stroll in New York on Thursday.

Brady had his hands full with Vivian while Gisele had Benjamin in the stroller. It’s all fine and dandy…..except for the fact Benjamin is SEVEN years old and still being pushed around in a stroller while four year old Vivian is having to take a nap on dad’s shoulders. Take a look.

Hundreds of people on Twitter ended up criticizing Brady by calling him a “soft dad.” Maybe Brady should hit Peyton Manning up to show his kid some tough love. There’s obviously no greater father figure than The Sheriff.



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Nick Davis

Nick is our multimedia guy from Maryville, Tennessee. He writes articles, produces videos, and is our access guy for UT. He played tennis at Carson-Newman. He loves sports, lifting, and Jeopardy.

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