Thursday Picks: College Football Week Four

Thursday Picks: College Football Week Four
Boomer Dangel

Indiana @ Penn State OVER 67.5
Iowa State vs. Texas UNDER 63.5
K State vs. Baylor UNDER 59.0
Nebraska at Illinois OVER 46.0
Northwestern @ Wisconsin OVER 49.5
Ohio State -30 @ Rutgers
Oregon @ Cal OVER 68.5
Oregon State +26.5 vs. Washington
UConn +17.5 @ SMU
UNC +9.5 @ GT
Vandy @ Florida UNDER 42.5

Last week: 4-6

Season record to date: 23-20-1

Smart Home Fix Lock of the Week (3-0):

Vanderbilt @ Florida UNDER 42.5

Ok, this is wild. But follow me on this.

All four ACC conference games went under last week.

All three B1G conference games went under last week.

Four of five PAC 12 conference games went under last week.

All three BIG 12 conference games went over last week.

Four of five SEC conference games went over last week.

That means this week we’ll have the pendulum swing back in the other direction. And who better to start the under movement than an inept Florida offense and a Vanderbilt team shutout last week?

Come Fly with Me:

Oregon @ Cal OVER 68.5

Full scale pendulum swing. It has all the hallmarks of a high-scoring PAC 12 game: Oregon is playing, Vic Wharton had another child, and it’s a high total to begin.

Ohio State -30 at Rutgers

If you haven’t been paying attention, Urban Meyer’s great strength is allowing his team to get better as the season goes along. It’s what happened in 2014 after losing to Virginia Tech, in 2016 after losing to Penn State and it’s what my gut tells me will happen in 2017 after laying an egg to Oklahoma.

Kansas State @ Baylor UNDER 59.0

There was a time, not too long ago, where I never would suggest Baylor under. The only constant is change.

UNC +9.5 @ Georgia Tech

North Carolina – a school that always finds a way to win in basketball, and blow it in football. Last week the Heels surrendered to Duke in the fourth quarter. Not this week.


“O Let’s Do It” – Waka Flocka Flame

Indiana @ Penn State OVER 67.5

Have you watched Saquon Barkley?

Iowa State vs. Texas UNDER 63.5

The Horns come off a bye week to play again for the first time since blowing it against USC. Remember the first Saturday of this season? When even Tennessee hadn’t driven us insane? Texas lost to Maryland and it wasn’t even close. For a team that’s 1-2 right now, they’ll prove something to Iowa State’s and not let them off the mat.

UConn +17.5 @ SMU

Maybe it’s the Syracuse connection. But I’m a big fan of Randy Edsall. He was tasked with analytical study and player development in the NFL. Those complaints some have about Butch Jones not developing talent? Not an issue for Edsall.

Let It Ride

Nebraska @ Illnois OVER 46.0

Northwestern @ Wisconsin OVER 49.5

Oregon State +26.5 vs. Washington

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