TheDWdesigns Player of the Game: Georgia

TheDWdesigns Player of the Game: Georgia
Jon Reed

Our TheDWdesigns Player of the Game for yesterday’s historically bad performance goes to……….


The fans.

Another sellout, despite the slop they were fed last week against UMass. There was a lot less Georgia red than there should have been, quite frankly. Checker Neyland was another success. There was not a mass exodus at halftime.

They sat in that stadium and watched that coaching staff fail to reach the players. They watched the players struggle. The offense was abysmal. They sat there and listened to that stupid third down song over and over.

They watched Tennessee take a huge step back and continue their decline in year 5 of Butch Jones.

Honorable mention to Darrell Taylor for being so fed up that he tried to punch someone in a helmet twice. Either that, or he was the only person smart enough to get ejected so that he didn’t have to subject himself to another second of that game.

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