Tennessee’s decision

Tennessee’s decision
Jon Reed

Do you want to be good or take the risk to be great?

At its simplest and most pure, this is the question that has divided the Tennessee fan base. Back-to-back eight win regular seasons is good- no one disputes that. Butch Jones has done a good job at Tennessee.

He’s yet to reach “great.”

Can he spearhead Tennessee’s ascension to greatness? Some would say that it’s possible. Others would counter that if it hasn’t happened through four seasons, it ain’t happening.

The SEC Network’s Booger McFarland laid it out at SEC Media Days:

On one hand, Tennessee had the second best overall record in the SEC at season’s end at 9-4. On the other, Vanderbilt and South Carolina. 

The 2018 recruiting is currently top 5 in the country. Tennessee recruited at an elite level for 3 years and maxed out at eight regular season wins. 

The Vols have won 3 straight bowl games. They’ve all been against slow Big Ten teams. 

Do you want to be good or take the risk to be great?

Mike Hamilton tried it. He took the risk and made the move he hoped would get Tennessee back to “great.” He failed. Because of how drastically he failed, the fear of failure has left a portion of the fan-base paralyzed. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. And sometimes the other side of the fence is actually a condemned house sitting on a dirt patch being overran by feral dogs.

Booger McFarland was wrong when he said that Tennessee would be “abysmal.” The Vols will make a bowl game. They’ll most likely win seven or eight games. Maybe nine. They could have their third straight “good” year.

Would that be good enough for John Currie?

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