Tennessee Practice Report: August 8th

Tennessee Practice Report: August 8th
Nick Davis

The Tennessee Volunteers took to the practice field once again Tuesday for the eighth time of fall camp.

The media was only allowed three periods this time, so I don’t have a lot to go by. I spent most of the time with the offensive line and defensive backs. Here are some of my quick observations.

Offensive Line

Brett Kendrick missed practice on Sunday but was back today. We only saw them doing some explosive, low blocking drills. Venzell Boulware was drawing some praise from Walt Wells, as well as Jack Jones. Drew Richmond looks like he’s taken some steps in the right direction and looked pretty good from what I saw.

Defensive Backs

Bob Shoop was working primarily with the safeties, which is normal to see. Nigel Warrior, Todd Kelly, Micah Abernathy and Evan Berry all looked good in tracking drills. Freshmen Theo Jackson and Maleik Gray also showed some good athleticism. Today was the first time I had seen some Georgia Tech game prep as Shoop was  working on some recognition drills with option-based plays. Basically, he had someone simulate Tech’s A-back motioning behind the QB and the safety would recognize and move into position accordingly. Charlton Warren had his corners work on downfield block shedding drills, which is something UT will need out of its defensive backs.

Be sure to be on the lookout for a practice video later.

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Nick Davis

Nick is our multimedia guy from Maryville, Tennessee. He writes articles, produces videos, and is our access guy for UT. He played tennis at Carson-Newman. He loves sports, lifting, and Jeopardy.

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