Tennessee Commit: Butch Jones Told Me To ‘find a place to go, quickly’

Tennessee Commit: Butch Jones Told Me To ‘find a place to go, quickly’
Lucas Panzica

Facing the first-ever early signing period in December in the wake of Butch Jones’ firing, Tennessee has already seen a handful of decommitments from the 2018 recruiting classs. However, according to the Orlando Sentinel, Jones has been in contact with recruits, attempting to sway them towards choosing another school.

The Sentinel reported that three-star cornerback Tanner Ingle (who reopened his recruitment after Jones’ firing) said today that Jones personally contacted him.

“I spoke with Coach Jones about 30 minutes ago”, said Ingle, “He said he didn’t really expect that to happen, but it did so he told me to find a place to go, quickly… and that if he gets anything he will contact me.”

Ingle has stated that remains committed to Tennessee, but is reopening his recruitment.

Tennessee has seen this story before — if Jones is calling recruits with hopes that they don’t sign with Tennessee, it would line up with Lane Kiffin’s departure in January of 2010. Ed Orgeron, Kiffin’s defensive line coach at the time, allegedly called recruits, telling them not to attend class so they would be able to sign for USC, where Kiffin was heading in his new head coaching role.

Questions have certainly risen about Jones’ character in recent weeks, and local media members Jayson Swain and Wes Rucker voiced some of those concerns after the firing was announced.

Ingle has since defended Jones on Twitter, saying the former Tennessee coach “has been nothing but honest with me through the whole process. Stop trying to make people look bad.”

Ingle has not denied the quote, but there have been no other recruits claiming he has attempted to sway them away from Tennessee. It’ll be interesting to see how which way this shakes out as more information comes to light.

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