Vol Fans Rain “Fire Currie” Chants Down On Thompson-Boling Arena

Vol Fans Rain “Fire Currie” Chants Down On Thompson-Boling Arena

Tennessee fans and students didn’t let a basketball game stop the outrage against the administration’s current dealing of the coaching search.

“Fire Currie” chants rained down in Thompson-Boling tonight as Tennessee squared off against Mercer. Students started the chant, and many of the fans joined it. The Tennessee fan base showed its frustration tonight.

The Tennessee administration is fed up as well, as it set up extra security and allegedly instructed them to throw fans out of the game for the chants. This didn’t stop the students one bit — one student was kicked out of the game, and then as he tried to fight the ejection, was tackled to the ground.

Fans aren’t only fed up with Currie now, they’ve moved the focus to every piece of the administration, even Tennessee Chancellor Beverly Davenport.

The band was allegedly directed to play every time the chants began. From the first timeout in Thompson-Boling, even the music in the arena got louder. Tennessee’s administration was clearly prepared for backlash from the fans tonight, and they set up extra security for the occasion.

There was, in fact, a basketball game tonight. I’m shocked the team was able to focus tonight with all of the distractions. Whether it be opposing team’s free throws drowned out by “Fire Currie” chants, or the band drowning out the chants, the team excelled tonight with its 84-60 win over Mercer.

You come to a basketball game, and you end up with five or six storylines. Tennessee is truly the most interesting program in college athletics right now.

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