Tanner Antonutti Adds Much Needed Depth to Offensive Line

Tanner Antonutti Adds Much Needed Depth to Offensive Line
Eric Hall

Vol fans woke up on Wednesday to an in-state offensive lineman becoming the first official signee of the Pruitt era. Offensive tackle Tanner Antonutti was the first player to sign on and bring his talents to Knoxville. While he may not be the flashiest signee the Vols will add, he adds much-needed depth to an offensive line that has struggled in recent times.

Antonutti made the switch to offensive tackle prior to his senior season. At 6 feet 5 inches and roughly 260 pounds, the kid has some good size. He will need to bulk up throughout his college career to truly have an impact on the team. Tanner also has the ability to switch positions, should the coaching staff need him to do so. He has good size, and his recruiting tape from junior year shows that he has the ability to run routes and make plays over the middle.

One of the most impressive things about Antonutti is his motor. He keeps playing through the whistle. Whether it is bulldozing defenders or sticking with a defensive play, you can tell the Nashville native is going to play hard for the entirety of his time on the field.

As you watch his tape from junior year, it is clear that Tanner has the ability to play a multitude of positions. He can run routes, he can block and he can manhandle players and cause chaos on the defensive side of the ball. Antonutti may not have the flash and high-ranking clout, but his adaptability will make him a useful part of the Vols’ 2018 recruiting class.

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