Smart Home Picks: Conference Championship Weekend

Smart Home Picks: Conference Championship Weekend

Last Week: 4-5

Season Record: 77-71-6

Smart Home Fix Lock of the Week:

North Texas vs. FAU under 74.0 (SAT 12:00)

These two teams have already gone over once this year. It’s a conference championship game played at FAU. But you can’t tell me that Lane Kiffin has been focused on his team this week given his Twitter antics.

Let’s pause for a second and recognize that Tennessee’s QB coach Mike Canales not only made a recruiting visit on behalf of UT this week, but also coached North Texas QB Mason Fine, who is completing 64% of his passes and will throw for more than 3,400 yards.

Come Fly with Me:

UGA +2.5 vs. Auburn (SAT 4:00)

Ah, yes the SEC Championship Game time… Right in the middle of the day, once again. It’s the holiday season. Figured by now we’d have this figured out. After the regular season ends, I get my Saturdays back.

Simple pick. Auburn whoops Georgia’s ass the first time around by scoring quick touchdowns to start the third quarter. Ballgame. One muffed punt by UGA might’ve sealed the team’s fate. Expect the Dawgs to be ready this time.

Memphis vs. UCF over 82 (SAT 12:00)

I mean seriously… With a number this high, what am I supposed to do? In the Bowl of Hot-Name-Coaches, both will be showing off.

Stanford vs. USC under 58.5 (FRI 8:00)

Still waiting to see Sam Darnold repeat his performance

TCU +7 vs. Oklahoma (SAT 12:30)

One of the teams trying to play its way in will lose this week. Ohio State should get past Wisconsin, UGA allows Bama back in and I’m not sure how you keep Miami/Clemson out. Oklahoma losing makes everything much easier.

The League

Falcons -3 vs. Vikings (SUN 1p)

Falcons are a serious team team to watch. As noted earlier in the week, Atlanta at 8/1 is a good valuation to win the NFC.

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3&OUT with Nate Hodges and Houston Kress 7-10. Talk Sports with Jon Reed and Cody McClure 10-1. Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis 1-3. The Drive with Russell Smith 3-6. Overtime with the D-Team 6-8.

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