Sensible Roofing Solutions Presents Bet the Farm: NFL Sunday

Sensible Roofing Solutions Presents Bet the Farm: NFL Sunday

I wish I could say that one of my bet the farm picks was that Tennessee would fire Butch Jones before the South Carolina game, but I’m terrified our leadership doesn’t fully realize the damage currently being done

Let’s at least try to make some money today.

Minnesota -2.5 vs Detroit
I really like this Vikings team.

They improved the offensive line in the off-season by replacing everyone. Dalvin Cook gives that offense another dynamic that they’ve been sorely missing since Adrian Peterson got caught beating his kid.

The Lions do not beat good teams. I know they were close last week versus Atlanta, but they found a way to lose. They will not be able to match Minnesota physically. The Vikings win and continue to be a sneaky-good top 5 team.


Los Angeles Rams +6 at Dallas
Dallas is coming off of a short week having played on Monday night. The Rams have 3 days of extra rest after playing on Thursday.

I’m concerned about Dallas’ defense long term, and I’m buying what I’ve seen from Goff so far. He’s much improved. The Rams have good play makers. I’ll take the points all day.


New York Giants +2.5 at Tampa Bay
It feels dirty. Trust me, I know.

I don’t think the Giants will fall to 0-4. Eli sucks, the offensive line sucks, but Tampa is injured on defense. Just don’t watch the game. And if the Giants get killed, just send me an email telling me how stupid I am.


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