Peyton Manning Roasted Kevin Durant With An All-Time Burn At The ESPYs

Peyton Manning Roasted Kevin Durant With An All-Time Burn At The ESPYs

We all know that Peyton Manning had jokes, but hooooooo boy did he bring out the big guns against Kevin Durant Thursday night while hosting the 25th ESPY Awards on ABC.

After highlighting the gold-blazing Summer Olympic U.S. gymnastics team, Peyton hit the NBA Finals MVP with this zinger before the camera put him on national television and the big screen at the awards.


Just like blowing a 3-1 lead, this seems like a joke reference that will never die. Durant has taken his fair share of jokes and insults already from joining the 73-win Warriors a year ago, but it paid off in a ring. However, this just goes to show that an NBA championship doesn’t put you out of reach from a national television burn from the Nationwide guy who also might’ve been a decent football player.

Does Kevin Durant ever live this argument down? This just seems like the asterisk beside the Hall of Fame player’s name that normally says something like “Suspended in 1997 due to PEDs” or “Voted in the HOF because he died and we felt bad.” People just won’t forget it.

Also, is this VFL on honorary VFL crime? Rick Barnes claims Kevin Durant as his own, and Vol coaches love bringing up former players that compete at the highest level, so KD and Peyton might end up in the same room again someday soon. If KD is as unsettled by the joke as he looks in the video above, that could be a bit awkward.

Maybe Peyton should join FOX or ESPN just to give one-liners during game broadcasts. Nationwide isn’t on your side now, sports world.

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Nathan is a journalism student at UT who has as many puns as he does sports opinions.

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