We Can’t Stop Watching This Kid Try To Prank His Dad

We Can’t Stop Watching This Kid Try To Prank His Dad

As social media and the number of people who use it have grown, prank videos flood us all weekly. The beauty of pranks is that they can be oh-so-great both when they’re successful and when they completely fail, like what you’re about to see below.

I have many questions.

First of all, that kid’s O.K., right? Surely this video doesn’t get posted if something terrible happened to the kid. However, as the dad picks up the first bag (the tool of ultimate destruction to this kid’s prank hopes and dreams), you can hear quite a bit of glass. Maybe the kid has a concussion. Roger Goodell shouldn’t let garbage can pranks happen anymore.

Secondly, how on earth does the dad not see his kid in the open garbage can? If you pause the video at :09 or :19, he’s clearly looking in the garbage can’s direction (at the least). If the prank fail is fake, cool. Bravo. It’s still funny. But if this poor kid legitimately gets a face full of glass and God knows what else, shame on this dad’s awareness skills. On top of that, he doesn’t hear the kid start to say something? That isn’t exactly a regular taking-out-the-garbage noise. Awareness, people.

Lastly — and most importantly — why is getting in a trash can ever considered a good idea? You’re in a garbage can. That alone outweighs the potential benefit of being in a garbage can. The kid could have hid below the porch, maybe even behind a trash bag if the bag was big enough. Future advice, kid: Stay out of garbage cans.

This video has good faking potential, but it’s still funny. Re-watching the kid’s voice get cut off in a blast of garbage pranking justice is funny enough for us.

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Nathan is a journalism student at UT who has as many puns as he does sports opinions.

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