Jon Gruden to be Named Raiders’ Next Coach, ESPN’s Schefter Confirms

Jon Gruden to be Named Raiders’ Next Coach, ESPN’s Schefter Confirms

The White Whale has landed. Jon Gruden is headed to Oakland again as head coach of the Raiders. Following the firing of Jack Del Rio, Oakland’s coaching search saw signs of Tennessee’s with #Grumors spread about. But, Adam Schefter of ESPN confirmed an earlier report from RaidersSnakePit.com’s Steve Corkan Friday afternoon that Gruden is officially taking the job.



Knoxville has seen its fair share of Fake News and coaching search information turned wrong, but Schefter’s confirmation is almost as good as the Raiders or Gruden himself confirming the news.

Gruden has been on ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast since 2009, where he’s turned down (or at least hasn’t accepted) multiple attempts to court him. It wasn’t likely that ESPN was going to let anything slip until the move was official, and Schefter is as sure as anyone in the business at checking his sources before breaking news.

The move has been something of a worst-kept-secret in the business. Schefter said on SportsCenter Saturday night that a deal was all but done and that Gruden would be the Raiders’ next head coach, and Gruden mocked coworker Stephen A. Smith on the network’s Golic and Wingo show in response to Smith’s jabs at Gruden.

Poor Tennessee fans. We’ll never forget local host Jon Reed’s airport stakeout. Or random Gruden sightings.

It was a fun ride. Gruden returns to the Raiders after compiling a 40-28 record and leading the Raiders from 8-8 to the AFC Championship in four years before his move to Tampa Bay.

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