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List Of Jeremy Pruitt Puns You Definitely Should *Not* Make

List Of Jeremy Pruitt Puns You Definitely Should *Not* Make

After finally finding a coach (Maybe. There’s still time for things to go wrong), Tennessee fans and the athletic department can do what they do best: finding T-Shirt sayings and slogans to start pushing more association between Jeremy Pruitt and Tennessee.

Vol fans have seen a variety of these in the past decade. Following Phillip Fulmer’s departure, there was “It’s Time” during Lane Kiffin’s one-year tenure.

What is it time for, Lane? To tweet again? To leave for another job? To make an awkward hype video?

Anywho, that led to Derek Dooley, who was anything BUT a catch phrase. Now he’s just known as “Fooley” around Knoxville. Either that or as the guy with impeccable hair and ridiculous orange pants.

Vol fans are well versed with the Sloganator Butch Jones: There was that weird “Rise to the Top” shirt fad at the beginning of his tenure to go along with “brick by brick,” then a short-lived “Butch Stones” nickname after Tennessee almost upset Georgia in his first year thanks to some bold coaching calls.

Then came “five-star hearts,” “champions of life,” that random energy bus quote, basically anything you’d hear at two or more press conferences could be argued as a slogan because it was repetitive.

NOW THEN. Jeremy Pruitt hasn’t done a ton of public speaking, so we’re going to have to be creative in getting the rest of the country to recognize just how serious Vol fans are with their football coaches.

Without further ado, here are many puns that you should definitely *NOT* make with Tennessee’s new coach’s name.

Just Pruitt

Pru and a Half Men

Screw It, Get Pruitt

Mountain Pru

Do the Pru

Winnie the Pru

One Pru Over the Cuckoo’s Nest/A Cow Jumped Over The Pru-n

Anything You Can Do I Can Pru Better

A Pru To A Kill

Pru Are You

“Good Ol’ Rocky Top, PRU!”

I Bid Thou A-Pru

Pru or False

Electric Ave-Pru

A Pru Good Men


Again, just a reminder to *not* use these puns.

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Nathan is a journalism student at UT who has as many puns as he does sports opinions.

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