Former Vol Linebacker A.J. Johnson Arrested For DUI

Former Vol Linebacker A.J. Johnson Arrested For DUI
Tanner Carson


Former Tennessee Vols All-SEC linebacker A.J. Johnson was arrested and charged with driving under the influence in the early hours of Saturday morning, according to a report by the Knoxville Police Department.

A KPD officer said he witnessed Johnson’s vehicle stop at a red light at the intersection of Kingston Pike and Neyland Drive and said the vehicle did not move after the stop light turned green for two cycles.

When the officer approached the vehicle to check on the driver, he said the vehicle rolled forward and struck a sign.

The officer then checked on Johnson, whose eyes were blood shot according to the report. The officer then saw a marijuana cigarette sitting in the car in view of the officer.

Johnson confirmed to the officer that it was a “blunt” and also admitted to smoking it.

Johnson was then given a field sobriety test and “performed poorly” and was then taken into custody according to the report.

This incident is the latest in a line of legal incidents for Johnson, spanning back to November 2014 when Johnson and teammate Michael Williams were accused of rape and sexual assault that allegedly occurred during a party at Johnson’s apartment.

Johnson was immediately suspended for the rest of his senior season, missing the final three games of 2014.

No verdict has yet to be reached in the case.

Johnson was a standout player for the Vols from 2011-14, being named Freshman All-American in 2011, 2nd Team All-SEC in 2012 and 1st Team All-SEC in 2013.


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