FINAL: Lofton 10, Talk Sports 8

FINAL: Lofton 10, Talk Sports 8
Boomer Dangel

Well it wasn’t that bad.

Jon and I challenged the SEC’s best three-point shooter of all time, Chris Lofton, to a shoot out. Two-on-one, sixty seconds for glory. Jon went in cold but started hot. We thought we had it won.

Most people say they hate hearing themselves on recording because they don’t like the way they sound. I work in radio, so I don’t have much of a choice.

But this is the first time I’ve ever watched myself shoot a basketball. Holy hell. I had the six-year-olds running around the Lofton Skills Camp making fun of my shot.

We put up a fairly decent fight. We both made four shots each. Check the game-film below.


So the champ’s still got it. Once he got rolling, we never stood a chance.

That did make Talk Sports feel better about the upcoming FOX Sports Knoxville 3-on-3 Tournament, though.

Chris is in town for the Chris Lofton Skills Camp at Knoxville Christian School this week. Drop by 11549 Snyder Road or email Julius King at J.King@thecampone.com for information.

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