Dimwitted Dennis Dodd Calls Vol Fans Dumb, Proves He Is

Dimwitted Dennis Dodd Calls Vol Fans Dumb, Proves He Is
Jon Reed

Dennis Dodd took some shots at Tennessee fans in his latest article about Phillip Fulmer and Jeremy Pruitt.

The attack was, for the most part, out of nowhere. Sure, many national media members have tried to belittle or shame the Vol fan base in the past, but, for the most part, it is almost at least somewhat topical.

But these latest shots from the CBS writer seemed to come from out of nowhere.

So, Vol and FOX Sports Knoxville fan, Grit decided it was time to go fishin’. He did like any normal person would do and he went and set up a fake email account posing as a once respected national journalist who has spent many years bashing Tennessee before losing all of his credibility after his text conversation with former Tennessee AD John Currie exposed him as a fraud and made him the laughingstock of the journalism industry, Dan Wolken.

Once he had the new email address danwolkenusat@gmail, it was time to find Dennis Dodd. So, Grit just sent an email to a bunch of likely variations that someone with the name Dennis Dodd would use.

The content of the email had to be passable for something Weaselly Wolken would say. He settled with “Oh my god the Tennessee piece is beautiful. Nobody clicks a link like a mad redneck, lol. Crying laughing right now. Thank you!”

Weaselly Wolken DEFINITELY says “crying laughing right now.” It’s believable.

Dimwitted Dennis Dodd fell for it. He replied “Unbelievable. I blocked all of those clowns but was tempted to ask what year they earned their degrees, because, you know…”

People sometimes fail to really explain what irony is. From now on, use this as an example. Dimwitted Dennis Dodd insinuating that Vol fans are stupid as he falls for an email address like “danwolkenusat@gmail” is irony personified.

Dimwitted Dodd goes on to say that he will get “a lot of run” out of this. People always claim that writers give strong opinions or take shots at fan bases.  I’ve always thought that a company like CBS Sports was above those tactics. Once you reach a certain level, that stuff ends, right? Nope.

The conversation somehow lasted for six hours. At the end of it, Dodd is left mad that Tennessee tried to embarrass John Currie and released the phone numbers of college football coaches.


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Jon Reed

The voice for the voiceless. Jon Reed is not a media member; he is an entertainer. Please, don't take yourself so seriously. Sports are supposed to be fun.

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