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Watch DeMar DeRozen Pull Off The Potential Dunk Of The Year In The NBA

Watch DeMar DeRozen Pull Off The Potential Dunk Of The Year In The NBA

Steve Russell/Toronto Star

DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptors has been absolutely tearing up the league here lately while helping lead his team to first place in the Eastern Conference.

If you don’t believe me, check out what he did last night in against the Detroit Pistons:

This is just insane. DeRozan, with his team down one with 10 seconds left, explodes down the court, coast-to-coast, and throws down a monster dunk to put his team ahead and get the win.

And poor Anthony Tolliver took every bit of punishment DeRozan was trying to hand out in that insane posterizer. He put everything he had into making sure he didn’t score, and boy did he fail miserably.

But Pistons players have a knack for getting dunked on in fantastic fashion.

Remember this from Brandon Knight?

Don’t get too down on yourself, Anthony. This will easily be the dunk of the year. But next season, someone else will be on someone else’s poster, and we will forget all about you. Just like we “forgot” about Knight.

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