College GameDay Roasts Butch Jones Over Warrior And Shy Situation

College GameDay Roasts Butch Jones Over Warrior And Shy Situation
Nate Hodges

Local media were on the SEC Network set with Paul Finebaum on Friday. Some who benefit financially went to bat for Butch Jones, others had a more balanced perspective. Saturday morning on College GameDay Rece Davis didn’t hold anything back.


“Sometimes there are fights in practice. Football players are, well they can be a WARRIOR and they’re not SHY about mixing it up from time to time.” – Rece Davis

In case you’re more of just a Saturday football fan, Rece is referencing that Nigel Warrior punched Shy Tuttle before the UMass game, causing him to miss it. Here’s the picture of Shy’s eye.

It’s actually his left eye (mirrored here). We refrained from posting this photo and only did so after it was out on social medial.

Desmond Howard also weighed in:

This day should be all about Tennessee trying to beat the Georgia Bulldogs. Not what the coach said during a Monday press conference. Whether you believe what happened, happened (it did), or want to claim that pictures of Shy Tuttle’s face are photoshopped (they are not), one thing is abundantly clear: The way Butch Jones handled the situation has made Tennessee the laughing stock of the country this morning.

Tennessee plays Georgia today at 3:30 as the featured SEC game of the week. It’s a shame that’s not the focus here on Rocky Top, and that’s the truth.


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