College Football Win Totals Are Back, Baby

College Football Win Totals Are Back, Baby
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College football

Hell yeah. You know what’s lit? This is lit.

You’re just like me. You’re doing other work that’s of at least mild importance. You just wrapped up lunch. You’re looking forward to the rest of your day, and especially dinner. And then, BAM

It is motherflipping lit, baby.

Officially, college football returns in 74 days with what I think we’re going to call Week Zero. I suppose that’s somewhat similar to high school football’s Week Zero, but I think most teams play on Week Zero in one fashion or another. Anyway, college football’s back in around 1,775 hours with a 3.5+ hour game I’ve been requested to call “Oregon State at Colorado State,” which is playing on CBS Sports Network. The point is this: college football is drawing nearer, and win totals mean it’s time to start getting serious again.

To help you analyze what’s ahead, I’ve answered numerous questions for you on the pages following.

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