Chip Kelly Reportedly Atop UCLA’s Coaching List

Chip Kelly Reportedly Atop UCLA’s Coaching List
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As rumors begin to grow around coaching movement, Colin Cowherd snuck a bomb in the middle of Sunday’s NFL slate.

“Don’t be surprised if you hear a Chip Kelly and UCLA rumor soon. #littlebirdie,” Cowherd posted on Twitter.

This gave some legs to a text I received Sunday morning from a Los Angeles-based colleague. Kelly, the text said, would prefer the PAC 12.

With Josh Rosen, who many consider to be a legitimate future NFL quarterback, UCLA stumbled to a 4-8 record. This season the Bruins are 3-3, just 1-2 in conference.

Another source close to the UCLA Athletic Department said, “guys high up in the Athletic Department are not looking to make a change right now.” He did say that the school’s larger donors are growing tired of the off-field drama with Jim Mora.

Clearly UCLA fits the mold for Chip. His success as a college coach, winning 87% of his games, came on the West Coast. At Oregon, he questioned conventional coaching methods regarding full-contact practices, conditioning and offensive styles.

What was known as the “west coast offense” ten years ago is now simply called “offense,” with teams relying more on spread formations and shotgun packages.

Kelly has been widely considered one of the candidates to coach Tennessee, should the University move on from Butch Jones.

The 0-3 conference start has amplified rumors about Jones. Further, the team’s offensive ineptitude has created a 10-quarter touchdown drought. All of those quarters have been played at Neyland Stadium.

If the Vols desire a coaching change, market competition could force UT to act quickly. Ole Miss, UNC and UCLA are among the teams with whom Tennessee could compete. The first-year of an early signing period for recruits will also force schools to solidify next year’s coaching staff earlier than previous years.

For the time being, a Texas A&M win at Florida and LSU victory over No. 10 Auburn could help secure Kevin Sumlin and Ed Orgeron’s status.


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