Analyzing Bob Shoop’s Random Tweet Involving Jumbled Letters And A Poll

Analyzing Bob Shoop’s Random Tweet Involving Jumbled Letters And A Poll

Tennessee’s defense gave up 400 or more rushing yards three times last season and allowed its last three opponents (Kentucky, Missouri, Vanderbilt) to rush for a combined 1,055 yards. While injuries played their factors, defensive coordinator Bob Shoop took a lot of heat from fans about the poor performances.

Shoop was hired before the 2016 season as one of the best defensive coordinators in all of college football, and a bounce-back season this year could put his name in the early talks of a head-coaching position. However, he might need to work on his Twitter game.

Shoop tweeted this poll Friday afternoon and… well, there’s a lot going on in a tweet where nothing is going on.

I personally think that this was Tennessee’s defensive gameplan against Vanderbilt last season. You know, the game where Tennessee gave up 416 passing yards to Kyle Shurmur.

I can just see Bob Shoop in the box screaming “KihgeryhittKrfgrhLbjHuh Llu We are pCJ I’m going run so te” into his headset right before giving up a 40-yard pass play.

Realistically, the big thing that sticks out (other than the fact that the tweet is an illegible mess) is the “UTCoachBobShwoopfeThe” thing in the middle, which leads me to believe that Shoop was probably trying to copy a tweet. On the other hand, maybe he created a fake fan account that just tweets to the official Bob Shoop Twitter account and tells him how great he is.

Sort of like a Skip Bayless thing.

The end has a “uk” reference, aka the United Kingdom or someone who doesn’t know Kentucky’s two-letter state code. If he’s copying a tweet, it could be a fan from one of those two places saying he watches the Vols on DVR.

Other than that, it’s all speculation here. The poll, like the rest of the tweet, makes no sense. I’m a big fan of Dr.’s but Ei doesn’t really ring any bells. At any event, Dr. was leading the poll by a slim margin when the tweet was deleted. Ei Ei oh.

At least he threw in a GBO. Maybe we’ll get some clarity on this soon.

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Nathan is a journalism student at UT who has as many puns as he does sports opinions.

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