This backflip is an accurate representation of UT

This backflip is an accurate representation of UT

College is a fun time in life. Students get out there, (most) find direction in life and branch out to try new things. Our unfortunate Twitter acquaintance here is about to demonstrate that creative part of life with an expression of herself during finals week.


My favorite part of this video is the beginning, in which you can hear her cautiously predict exactly what’s about to happen. What better video to describe UT right now?

Consider that backflip process Tennessee’s 2016 football season. In the beginning, fans started with cautious optimism. “We should be pretty good, but we won’t be happy if the Vols fall on their face.”

Then the run up, which was about what Vol fans expected from the season — split two of the four-game stretch of doom, beat Florida, stay competitive in the SEC East — until South Carolina and Vanderbilt happened. Then Butch Jones and the Vols flopped on the landing.

Also, UT is finishing up finals week. I’m sure there are plenty of students out there who feel like this is an accurate representation of a lot of preparation only to bomb the tests, projects or more.

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Nathan is a journalism student at UT who has as many puns as he does sports opinions.

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