38 Unanswered Calls: From The Source

38 Unanswered Calls: From The Source
Jake Tidwell

When Tennessee started 5-0, Vol fans were on top of the world. “38 Unanswered” and “HAIL MARY” jokes ran rampant through Vol Twitter. It was the best of times. Since then, it’s been a little more muted on Tennessee fans’ end. Until Wednesday morning, that is.

I’ve seen several articles from other media outlets covering this social media smackdown, but none of them knew exactly how it happened. I wanted to tell my own story, exclusively on FOX Sports Knoxville.

I was producing Talk Sports late Wednesday morning when I had an idea. I logged on to Twitter and searched for the University of Florida Twitter account. After checking their main account, I realized that they don’t reply to users. I was trying to think of which account might, and then I remembered that freshmen are moving in across the country. The University of Florida admissions account would probably be on the lookout for confused parents and students, so they became an easy target.

I sat for a few minutes, trying to think of the best way to cast the bait. Faux outrage was my best bet, so that’s what I went with:



I logged out and waited.

Not even 15 minutes later, I got a response.




My face lit up when I saw this response. It was as if I was a receiver, running a sluggo route, and the corner covering me had fallen down. The ball was in the air coming my way. All I had to do was not mess it up, and it’d be an easy score. It was as if Florida had given me a wide open layup. But I didn’t want a layup. I was going to posterize them.

I went to Twitter and searched for photos of Jauan Jennings. Jackpot. I found the perfect picture. I thought for a few minutes about how to phrase my response, and then I struck.



I got a quick favorite from a random Florida native, but that was it. For seven hours, it sat there with one favorite and no attention. That is, until my roommate retweeted it that evening. One retweet turned into three, which turned into ten, and it was off. It spread like wildfire after that, and the rest is history.


Some people have asked me what it’s like to be famous. To them, I say:



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